Stone Henge

Skyline Drive in Autumn

One of my favorite things to do when I still had my Carrera Cabriolet was to drive down to Skyline Drive in autumn to watch the leaves turn colors.  This was my favorite spot in the park.

Tour Eiffel

This was the view of the Eiffel Tower from the balcony of my apartment on Boulevard Pasteur in the 15th.  I setup a tripod on my balcony and would snap a couple of shots when I got home from work every night.  It took over a month but finally the light and the clouds all fell into place and I was able to capture this perfect shot!

Venetian Canal

This is Venice’s version of a dark alley.  The narrow canal– just wide enough for a gondola to pass — weaves its way along the houses.

Sunset at the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is usually bustling with gondolas, water taxis, barges, etc.  I waited for the sun to set just below the buildings in the background and for the traffic to die down before taking this picture.