Nov 2014 08

James Bond has driven different Aston Martins (and more recently, BMWs) but one thing remained the same: his license plate, BMT 216A.  I was watching “Transporter The Series” and noticed the Frank’s Audi has the license plate FMT 216A.  Is this a nod by the show’s producers to James Bond or is there another significance to *MT 216A?

Oct 2014 23

I’m hoping my new bumper sticker will help me land more chicks.


Oct 2014 18

F*ck Ford0

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Damn you, Ford, and your stupid Aston Martin grille rip-offs!

Sep 2014 20

I went to Whitney’s book signing in Leesburg along with Lindsey, Heather and Mason.

Sep 2014 20

Here are some of the more interesting cars from this morning. Gotta love Virginia — where else can you see a fully armored Humvee just feet away from an Aventador!